Burning Stat Points

In the majority of situations players will spend temporary stat points in the End of Turn Report. However there are times when a player may desire to spend permanent stat points as well. Spending a permanent stat point is referred to as "burning" the stat point.

Burning a stat point will generally give you a much greater benefit than spending a temporary stat point, usually slightly less than the investment required to create a permanent stat point. It will however permanently destroy that stat point, meaning that it will no longer produce temporary points for you to spend. This always results in low efficiency, due to the fact that it produces less than was required to construct the point.

Common Reasons to Burn Stat Points

One common reason to burn stat points is in the face of incredible short term need, that outweighs the inefficiency of burning the stat.
Example: Nation A is fairly confident that Nation B will continue to be peaceful with them, and thus invests their stat points into increasing their economy score to benefit their long term plan. During this time, Nation B has been building up their military. After several turns of this, Nation B attacks Nation A, and the imbalance in military forces causes Nation A to start losing. In this situation, Nation A might burn the economy they built in order to increase their military to levels that will allow them to survive the attack.

Another common reason is if a nation builds a particular stat for a purpose. Once that particular purpose is fulfilled the faction may not have much use for the stat points, and may find it more efficient to burn them.
Example: Nation A builds a large Espionage network in order to set Nation B and Nation C against each other. They succeed, and the nations destroy each other. However, now Nation A does not need the Espionage, and could use it much better for their military conquest of the two now weakened nations. As such Nation A burns their Espionage in order to get the additional military necessary for that conquest.