Common Abbreviations and Terms

TW - Total War. A catch-all term for a game involving a number of factions of some form, whose assets are abstractly represented as stat points, interacting over a period of time that is divided up into turns, in which players of these factions use their stats to perform various actions to further their own agenda.

GM - Game Master, or whomever is in charge of the NPCs and processing player's actions. A few games have a Co-GM to help manage the game, by helping with NPC responses or the processing of End of Turn Reports.

EoT - This is used both to refer to the End of Turn, which is the point in time in which a turn changes to the next, and for End of Turn Reports, which is what players write to assign their stats to perform actions at EoT.

PMs - Private Messages. These are secure messages generally denoted by the tags (PM) or [PM]. No matter the Espionage of other powers, only factions that are in the conversation are able to read them, barring special cases as defined by the GM.

Fluff - The description of the events that happen in the game, without discussing stats, traits or other mechanics. The Faction descriptions (It's theme, the way it works, the people in it), the VIP's and their personalities, in-game dialogs (When IC) are all forms of fluff. Fluff gives the game an organic feel, and makes it more realistic and entertaining. Some GM's give bonuses in certain actions, depending on the fluff surrounding them. Want to convince an NPC to join you? Make a compelling speech. Want to destroy an enemy in battle? Write up a strategy in the EoT, using your in-character knowledge and your advantages in an original but logical way. It works just as roleplaying a character in a role-playing game.

VIPs - Very Important Persons. In some games, VIPs are simply there to provide players with a chance to roleplay with specific characters instead of their whole faction. Other games assign stats to these people and have them be able to add bonuses to actions at End of Turn. In games in which VIPs have stats, it is sometimes made so that Private Messages are done by using a VIP for the turn, making them unavailable for any actions at EoT. This variant means that you have a maximum possible number of PMs equal to your number of VIPs, provided you choose to use none of them for actions at the EoT.

IC - In Character. Something said or done as the character/faction would say it.

OOC - Out of Character. You as a player discussing the game or talking with other players. Anything not IC.