The Mercenary Guild

Initially formed as a loose fraternity of mercenary commanders who would pass each information and work together the mercenary guild eventually evolved into an organization that provided a variety of useful services to the regiments that purchased membership.

It’s main service is to serve as a central place for mercenary contracts. Employers will issue a contract to the guild for a small surcharge and the guild will then ensure that the word gets out to all the regiments currently looking for work. In addition the guild evaluates the various regiments according to their success rate and reputation so that prospective employers have a better idea of what they are hiring.

In addition the guild serves as a central market in which to recruit new grunts, purchase basic equipment, and make contacts. Although better deals can be found elsewhere the guild market is generally the best new regimental commanders can afford.



Street Thugs
Experience: None
Cost: 1
Guild recruiters have little trouble finding people willing to sign on in the crowded and polluted cities of the American continents. For a small fee they can find almost any number of these willing to work for a particular regiment.

Company Toughs
Experience: Trained
Cost: 3
For a slightly higher cost the recruiters can draw on their contacts with the mining guilds to find security personnel and miners who for various reasons want out of their current contracts. Other not specifically trained for combat these grunts have survived living in the wastes for some time and are generally a tougher breed than can be found in the cities.

Veteran Soldiers
Experience: Veterans
Cost: 10
The best source of soldiers are those who have already served a term with one of the various kingdoms. Well trained and blooded in the minor skirmishes the kingdoms are constantly fighting they serve as valuable source of advice for the green recruits that normally fill out a regiment. However if a regiment wants to make a regular practice of hiring such skilled troops they are advised to make their own contacts rather than rely on the expensive skills of the guild recruiters.

Logistics Discounts

A Bit of Haggling: 1 Logistics
Effect: A discount of 1 cash on 5 pieces of equipment.
Quartermasters are experienced in haggling with merchants and talking them down to a more suitable prices. With a bit of work they can get a discount on a wide range of equipment.

Under the Table Deals: 2 Logistics
Effect: Gain access to purchase of one type of restricted equipment for a turn.
Experienced quartermasters know the right people to go to for equipment that is more heavily controlled. Although not cheap it can pay off in the long run to equip soldiers with equipment normally reserved for the armies of the world.

A lot of Haggling: 3 Logistics
Effect: A discount of 2 cash on 5 pieces of equipment.
Merchants have to eat too, and they will say as much repeatedly and loudly while haggling over the latest crate of combat rifles. The experienced haggler knows this is true, but also where their profit margins actually lay and as such can push them even further down to the break even point.

Off the Back of a Truck: 4 Logistics
Effect: Gain access to purchase of one type of classified equipment for a turn.
Senior quartermasters generally come from the kingdom militaries, and often their old friends still serve in those armies. With some old camaraderie and a few favors called in such senior quartermasters can purchase equipment that was destined for even the most exalted of front line combat units.

Master Haggler: 5 Logistics
Effect: A discount of 3 cash on 5 pieces of equipment
The ruthless bargainer who is experienced in hundreds of deals can detect weakness in any merchant. Striking aggressively at the inexperienced and offering the hopes of future contracts to the greedy they can move past the profit margins and get equipment at prices that are downright costly to their supplies.


Being experienced military officers the leaders of each mercenary regiment have several options to evaluate contracts and plans before committing grunts to the ground.

Gut Instinct - Free
Each commander is themselves a veteran of numerous deployments. They can usually determine if a contract is possible with their forces by instinct. (Ask the GM if your current forces can complete a contract. Answer will be vague, but generally accurate. Note that it will take into account all your forces, not just whatever you eventually decide to send.)

Operational Planning - 2 cash or 1 Leadership per five contracts
By spending a bit of extra time and money the officers in the regiment can evaluate contracts to determine their requirements more exactly. (Ask the GM for a likely grunt and equipment combination. Answer will be able to complete the contract in the minimum amount of time and expense. It will not take into account your current regiment numbers. Not guaranteed to be completely accurate.)

Guild Tactician - 5 cash per rating
The mercenary guild has numerous officers who for one reason another are experienced, but have no regiments of their own. For a hefty up front cost they can help with planning out the details of an operation and tailor it to available equipment. (Ask the GM for a more detailed answer. Will take into account regimental equipment, but may require additional purchases. Likely to be accurate, but not guaranteed.

A Friend in the War Planning Department - 5 cash and 5 favors per rating
With a few gifts and a bit of influence spent a mercenary commander can call on old friends still in the royal militaries. Said friend can then pass it off to the official planners as a "training exercise," and return the resulting battle plan. (Ask the GM for a really detailed analysis. Can be tailored for minimum casualties, time, or cost and is most likely to be accurate.)

(All answers are dependent on what your regiment knows about the contract. The most detailed analysis in the world is not going to be accurate if it turns out there are twice as many enemy soldiers as you expected.)

Equipment Market


Basic Uniforms
Defense: 1
Typical gear for cannon fodder troops is no more than a thick cloth uniform with leather pads in the most vulnerable positions such as the chest. As it offers almost no protection against modern fire arms nor any protection against the natural hazards of the wastes the best that can be said for it is that it is cheap enough to to have no practical impact on a regiment’s operating expenses.

Civilian Armor
Defense: 2
Fortunately for a commander who actually wants their soldiers to come back, but is still concerned about the budget there are other options. The first is a variant of the alchemically treated suits worn by miners. With an additional armor layer and some metal framework it makes a quite adequate suit of armor that protects against Estrada’s Curse and more commonly bullets.

Military Armor
Defense: 3
Availability: Restricted
Unfortunately at its core the most commonly available armor is not much better than the mining suits it was based on. The actual militaries of the world provide their soldiers with something a bit more suited for combat. These armors are made of materials that are both flexible and designed to deflect bullets and shrapnel. With a built in air supply and alchemical filters a soldier can survive on the ground for as long as their rations hold out. Of course such armor isn’t available to just any commander who decides to form a regiment out of the local toughs.

Commando Armor
Defense: 4
Availability: Classified
When cost is no obstacle military supplies can be persuaded to show their top lines of armor. Designed for shock troops and elite commandos these are typically lined with the most advanced alchemical materials to deflect damage of any kind. Not only that, but these come standard with the kind communications and tactical equipment that normal soldiers can only dream of allowing unparalleled maneuverability and cohesion in combat.


Civilian Sidearms
Offense: 1
Troops expected to die in glorious human wave tactics do not get the best of equipment. They are typically provided a variety of civilian sidearms to give them the illusion of having an effective weapon. In reality however these sidearms are not designed for use in the wastes and are as likely to jam as fire.

Ruggedized Rifles
Offense: 2
There are quite a few people in the wastes who would prefer to have more reliable weapons, and the need is filled by a number of low cost weapons manufacturers. Available in massive quantities these rifles are generally not particularly accurate or deadly, but they are guaranteed to fire in just about any conditions.

Combat Arms
Offense: 3
Availability: Restricted
Of course the best equipment is restricted to the kingdom militaries and their sponsored mercenaries. They have developed weapons that are accurate, fast firing, and still capable of working in the transmutative environment of the wastes.

Master Crafted Weapons
Offense: 4
Availability: Classified
The master gunsmiths of the world typically only work for the nobility, but for the right price they can be convinced to produce weapons for the more elite of mercenaries. Hand crafted from the finest materials these weapons are so lethal that simply pointing them at the enemy is practically all that is required to ensure a kill.


Fast Attack Vehicles
Offense: Special
Defense: Special
Most mercenary regiments can get their hands on a variety of ground cars, bikes, and steam carts that have been outfitted for combat. In general little more than light frames that have been retrofitted with a minimum of armor these vehicles offer little in the way of protection or additional firepower. Their main use is to get soldiers into and out of combat quickly, and as a side benefit this version of modern cavalry is significantly harder to hit than the slower foot soldiers.

Mobile Fortresses
Offense: 11
Defense: 11
Availability: Restricted
Small land crawlers outfitted with heavy armor and massive guns are the most potent forces on the battlefield. Nearly impervious to enemy fire and capable of destroying the heaviest concentrations of troops the sight of a mobile fortress is a sight to fear, and a sign that their commanders have committed to winning the fight. The downside is that they occupy the uncomfortable position of being too small to mount Alchemical shields and too large to be rapidly evacuated. As such they are extremely vulnerable to the more terrible manifestations of Estrada’s Curse. This high likelihood of loss combined with the extreme expense and difficulty in acquiring them means that mobile fortresses are relatively rarely deployed.


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