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Each mercenary regiment has a number of statistics from which its operating strength are derived. These are its recruitment capability, its leadership, its intelligence assets, its logistics division, and diplomacy.

Each of these statistics has its uses, but the Recruitment is one of the most important. Each turn the mercenary regiment will receive a number of trained grunts for free equal to its recruitment. These are in addition to any grunts who survived the previous turn. And grunts are the ones who actually go out and fulfill contracts for the company.

Leadership represents the officers and senior enlisted of the regiment, and is divvied up among the various contracts a company takes. Three grunts can be sent per point of leadership. So having a high leadership is essential in order to command a lot of grunts whether they are sent on multiple contracts or only one.

Intelligence is most useful in preparations before the battles are started. Intelligence allows a regiment to evaluate the risk of each contract, what enemy forces are expected, and what might happen that isn't explicitly laid out in the contract. It also helps in spying on the doings of the other regiments. As it is needed to provide the information that players then act on Intelligence is always spent during the diplomacy phase.

Logistics is what allows a company to field better equipment. Logistics can be used to get discounts on equipment and some types of equipment will require minimum amounts of logistics to even deploy and use.

Diplomacy is something of a catch all stat. Depending on how it used it can increase contract payouts,
generate favors with the nobility, or even convince an enemy to surrender on the field of battle.


In addition to the more permanent quantifiers there are a few resources that are more fluid. The first is the overall veterancy of the regiment. Every time a grunt survives a battle it will generate experience
for the regiment. This is divided by the total number of grunts to generate the overall level of veterancy. Veteran grunts are more effective in combat, and can use more effective gear. However new recruits will lower the overall score, and grunts dying will reduce the score in proportion to their number.

The number of grunts in the regiment and their use is fairly straightforward. In addition to those who survive previous turns new grunts can be gotten for free from the recruitment stat or hired from various sources. Grunts can then be sent out on contracts to bring in income for the regiment.

Cash is useful and fluid. It is acquired through completing contracts and can be spent to hire more grunts, buy new equipment, and curry favor with the nobility. The flipside of cash is favor which is harder to acquire, but can be used to hire better grunts and requisition better equipment from more prominent sources.


In this game the primary action that can be done is to take contracts. Each contract involves sending out grunts and equipment to fulfill a task ranging from basic security work to commando raids on enemy installations. Each contract is broken down into the provider, the rating, and the payout.

The provider of the contract will be one of the major nations. Completing the contract will increase the assets of that nation and the influence of the mercenary group with said nation. Payout is pretty straightforward as it will almost always be some amount of cash. However higher difficulty missions may also pay out favors, equipment, and stats. In general the employer will provide an accurate rating.

Rating is a little more vague. In general the employer will provide the combat rating, which they think is necessary to complete the mission. However they are not omniscient and circumstances may arise that will affect the target rating. To guard against this use Intelligence to determine what other issues might arise on a contract.

Completing a contract is fairly straightforward. Each contract will have a target rating. If the combat power of the grunts sent to fulfill the contract meets or exceeds the target rating, then the contract will be won. Casualties will then be calculated based on how much the combat power exceeded the combat rating.

Combat power is equal to the natural power of the grunts plus their equipment. However only three grunts can be sent per point of leadership.

Experience of a Grunt:
Green: 2 Power
Trained: 5 Power
Veteran: 8 Power
Elite: 12 Power

Equipment is the full set of weapons and armor issued to each grunt. Each set of equipment has an attack rating which adds directly to the grunts. A defense rating, which reduces their chance of becoming a casualty. And an environmental protection rating, which reduces their likelihood of dying to environmental causes. Each grunt needs a set of equipment as they refuse to enter the field unarmed. However that does not mean their equipment has to be very good.


Typically messages between mercenaries aren’t very secure. It is taken as a given that any message not specifically encoded will be read by more than just its intended recipient. To counter this one or more points of intelligence can be used to encrypt a series of messages. This will apply for the entire discussion between the involved parties, though each side will have to encrypt its own messages Anyone wishing to read this series must then spend 1 more point to decrypt them than was spent to encrypt them in the first place.

Example EoT

The Flying Lions - Turn 1
Recruitment: 4
Leadership: 3
Logistics: 3
Intelligence: 2
Diplomacy: 3

Grunts: 4
Veterancy: Trained
Cash: 0
Favors: 0
Equipment: 1 Mobile Fortress, 2 Civilian Armor, 2 Ruggedized Rifles

2 spent to lift restriction on Mobile Fortress during turn.
1 spent to get discount on Mobile Fortress, Civilian Armor, and Ruggedized Rifles during turn.

2 Spent to get enemy numbers and equipment for Hevingon Hills contracts

3 used to get better relations with House Leon.

Contract: Security for House Leon
As agreed 2 grunts will provide security for House Leon on their French lands. They are equipped with civilian armor and ruggedized rifles. 1 Leadership sent to provide direction.

Contract: Assault on Hevingon Copper Hills
1 grunt in mobile fortress dropped on Hevingon Hills to secure the copper deposits for House Leon. 2 Leadership used in the cunning plan we have developed to misdirect the defending forces.