The European Wastes can be deceptively idyllic from a distance. Fields of golden grain wave in the sun, forests dot the land, and villages appear untouched from their medieval roots. However a closer look reveals the lie. Those fields of grain are made of actual gold, the forests of steel, and the villages are the most horrific of all as the peasants too are untouched after they were transformed into stone statues so many centuries ago.

This is the work Estrada’s Revenge that most virulent of substances that transmutes all it touches. It is almost a relief to see the more traditionally ruined areas. The long strips of devastated earth left by guild mining crawlers, and the pocked and cratered battlefields where armies have waged war. But this is both the cause of Europe’s ruin and the source of its current wealth. These vast expanses of metal are easy to mine and refine, and they draw hundreds of miners in search of wealth. Not all are keen on honest wealth. Pirates and bandits infest the wastes in their jury-rigged airships. And these in turn require the hiring of vast numbers of mercenaries, Condottieri, who make their living in the fighting of other people’s wars.

Regiments of these soldiers of fortune range across Europe in their own airships. They hire their services to all. From kingdoms fighting proxy wars to guilds looking to protect their investments. If the coin is available any cause is just to a Condottieri. As the owner and commander of one of these regiments it falls to you to ensure that your regiment takes on the correct contracts. Ones that are fat, profitable, and not too risky so that the regiment will survive and thrive in the wastes. Perhaps even rising to the position where a bill of nobility can be purchased in one of the various powers and leveraged into even greater positions.

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