Steps to Creating A Faction

1. Coming Up With An Idea

Every faction starts with an idea, be it simple or complicated. Although occasionally this revolves around a game mechanic, more often than not the idea that a faction is based off of is a non-mechanical (fluff) idea. The ideas vary from game to game, and player to player, however usually the goal is to make something interesting, cool and/or awesome.

Always make sure that your faction idea fits with both the other players ideas, as well as the setting. For example, if the GM puts the game as a fantasy game, playing a faction of space aliens will not be acceptable. Another example would be if in a future game the

2. Write The Faction Fluff

Fluff is an important part of the faction. It defines everything the faction is, apart from stats.
Fluff is a description of the faction's characteristics: Its military forces (A high Military faction is formed by many legions, or a handful of experts?), its leaders (Are they warriors or diplomats, what are they like?), and so on.

3. Figuring Out the stats Stats

Once a faction idea is formed, the prospective player should start figuring out your faction's stats. The stats that are selected (or recommended to the GM) should be based on your faction idea, and match with your faction fluff. Additionally a short fluff segment should be provided that describes why the stat is the way it is.

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