Defensive Espionage

A Nation's Defensive Espionage is what is used to counter any offensive espionage actions taken against the nation, such as infiltration attempts or sabotage. If a nation's Defensive Espionage is higher than the other person's Espionage stat then the Espionage action is unlikely to succeed.

Defensive Espionage is based on a faction's Morale, therefore that score is the minimum possible value of Defensive Espionage. Should a nation wish for a higher Defensive Espionage value, they may use their own Espionage in order to boost their value. During an EoT, if a player spends X Espionage on defense then their NEXT turn they will have a Defensive Espionage value of Morale + spent Espionage.

D.ESP = Morale + Espionage Invested in the Previous End of Turn