End of Turn Reports

An End of Turn Report (EoT) is a report detailing a faction's major actions which is sent to the GM at the end of a turn. In an EoT, the factions detail exactly how they will be using their stats and VIPs in that turn. In addition to spending stats, it is recommended that the actions undertaken be accompanied by a fluff description of what you are doing, as some GMs will give a bonus based on your fluff.

EOT Template
Note: This template in not nearly universal, but is simply and convenient. The spending section is the only strictly necessary section.

Nation Name

Current Stats:
Mil: A
Economy: C
Research: D
Morale: E
World Opinion: F
Any other stats the GM added: H

VIP list

VIP A; stats: Stat 1: X, Stat 2: Y
VIP B stats: Stat 3: X

Trait List

Trait 1: Effects
Trait 2: Effects


Mil: (a) to perform action A, Fluff description of action A. (b) to perform action B, Fluff description of action B,

Same for other stats

VIP actions

VIP 1 helps with action A
VIP 2 does action C