Gaining Stats

Gaining stats is usually fairly simple. Each turn all stats generate a certain amount of temporary stats. The easiest way to illustrate this is to look at Economy as an example. Permanent Economy is your factories, banks, infrastructure, and contacts in the business world. Temporary Economy is the profits these generate during operation that can be spent on other things. Temporary Economy will regenerate up to your permanent economy every turn, but in most cases can not be saved up.

In the End of Turn Report, players can invest temporary stat points in various projects, or burn permanent stats, Some of these projects will be attempts to increase their stats. For each X points (the exact ratio depending upon the GM) invested in a stat, they will gain one point of that stat in the next turn to further improve their faction. Low values for X will result in quick stat gain, and generally go along with quick stat loss, while high values for X result in growth taking longer, but usually also being more resilient.

Any value for X is possible, but the average TW game will place it somewhere between 5-10.