Leaving a Game in the Middle

There are several ways to leave a game in the middle without being so utterly defeated that you cannot continue to play. This page covers several options that people have either taken or suggested. Aside from the NPC option, these are generally used to keep the people in a faction alive in spite of likely defeat at the hands of various enemies. For instance, if faction A has significant space capability and faction B does not, but has enough army to crush A, then B may opt to take the space exit to preserve his faction, even it the faction is out of the game. Most of these are conditional on the other factions either not having the capability to follow you, or not having the incentive to do so.

Become an NPC
This option occurs when - for whatever reason - the player decides to simply leave the game without an IC reason for their nation to be removed from play. In this case, their faction becomes a GM controlled NPC.

In a game where the technology level is high enough for this to be practical, and the actual game-play is confined to a planet (or similar object) a player faction can relocate their entire faction into space. This results in their faction remaining alive, but due to the limitations of distance and the impracticality of meaningful continued interaction, the player faction is effectively out of the game. The faction will not become an NPC due to the lack of interaction. They will simply be gone from the game for practical purposes.

Portal to Another Dimension
In practice, this is exceedingly similar to the effect of space exit, but is the Magical/Psionic equivalent. Basically, the mages open up a portal to another dimension and your faction moves through the portal, never to be heard from again.

Go into Hiding
If the fluff of your faction or your world geography permits, it may be possible to hide in a remote location of the world. For instance, if your faction is a race of underground trolls, they may retreat from their holdings and go into tunnels deep and complex enough that so long as they remain unobtrusive, no one will find them. Thus their faction lives, but they are effectively removed from the game.