In most games, Quantity and Quality are combined into the normal stats. For instance, + of militia is equal to + of elite rangers in terms of military power. Even if that means that + militia represents hundreds of ill trained troops, while + of elite rangers is a small squad of elite, highly trained, well equipped operatives.

However, this is not always the case. Several TW games have employed the quantity and quality stats separately This is generally denoted by something like ++ (5), the number of '+'s or' -'s being the Quality of the unit, and the number inside the parenthesis being the Quantity of units of that Quality that you have.

For instance Research: +++++ (1) would most likely be one superbly equipped laboratory staffed with the brightest scientists, while Research ++ (5) would be a large number of small-time research and development firms.

Generally in this sort of system, Quality determines how well your agents can perform a particular action, be it conducting an assassination, researching a new polymer, or fighting a war, while Quantity determines how many actions you can actually take.

It is also generally more expensive to increase the Quantity of high Quality stats.