Questing and Looting

This page deals with VIP looting mechanics, not the looting that takes place when a nation is conquered.

Questing and looting mechanics provide additional ways to utilize your VIPs, as well as providing good Role Playing Opportunities. In a game using the questing/loot mechanics, there will be areas of the world where the government is either unstable or non-existent. In these areas there are usually monsters, ruins or something similar to entice players to enter the area with the promise of the loot they potentially hold. If a VIP is sent into a questing area, they usually will find a specific and interesting thing fairly quickly. Should they do so, they will have to deal with the inevitable problems that pop up. Dealing with those will be based both on how the player Role Plays the scenario, as well as what the die rolls from the VIPs stats come up with. Should the VIP handle the situation poorly they will likely die, or be injured. As such questing is generally a risky endeavor. However should the VIP handle the situation well, they will claim loot of some sort that can potentially be of great help to them. This loot generally gives either stat points to the VIP, a trait to the VIP, a special location that the player controls (which gives a bonus of some sort), or a trait to the nation.