Nation Traits

A nation trait is a bonus that a given nation has that cannot easily be represented by their stat points. These can be very diverse, and can have very large effects on game-play if used properly. In many games, a nation starts with at least one of these traits, and has the potential to gain more later on. Traits that result in a multiplication of stat points rather than an addition are MUCH more powerful, and should be treated with care, as they can completely unbalance a nation if the GM is not careful. They can still be very useful, but if you are the GM, make sure that you are careful when making traits that multiply stats. Traits can generally be obtained through investment of stats or completion of actions by a faction. Research developing new technology can be represented through Traits.

Example traits:

[Trained Marines]: Your extensive training of your naval soldiers has allowed your army to be used to influence naval battles by boarding enemy ships. (In a game that has Army and Navy as separate (sub)stats)

[Defensible Terrain]: Your nation is situated on terrain that is easy to defend. As such, you gain a Military bonus when defending your own territory

VIP traits

A VIP trait is a trait that modifies how the VIP works, in a way hard to represent by their stats. They generally have a smaller effect than nation traits as they only effect the VIPs actions, however they can still be significant.

Example VIP traits

[Spy Training]: Whenever the VIP fails to complete an Espionage action, they have an increased chance of escaping undetected.