Total War System

Total War is a game based around the concepts of turns. At the beginning of the turn, your nation has available to spend its current number of stat points. Generally, these can only be spent in the End of Turn report, however some GMs do this differently (see Mid Turn Report). Regardless of when the points are spent, they will only be refilled at the beginning of the next turn. All actions during a given turn (except communications) are undertaken simultaneously by all factions, with the GM extrapolating the results based on their reports. The GM will also have the NPCs do their actions during the EOT period, again simultaneously with all other factions.

In Character, the length of a turn varies from game to game. Sometimes it can be as short a time as a few weeks, while other times it can be a couple of years. The most common intervals are 3 months and 1 year. Note however that the pace of development and stat increase will be significantly faster than would be realistic in the time period. This is understood and accepted, as most players would prefer to sacrifice some realism in exchange for having a more enjoyable game.