Welcome to the Total War Mechanics Repository! The intention is for this to serve as an introduction to the Total War system in preparation for playing in (or running) a game. Because of the variance in how such games can run, anything in the Recruiting thread supersedes whatever is written here and any ambiguities should be cleared up with the GM.

If you want to add things, we'll be happy to give you access.

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Core Mechanics

Standard Stats

Turn Based System


The End of a Game

Common Abbreviations and Terms

Peaceful Annexation

Variant Mechanics

Variant Stats



Mid Turn Reports

Quantity vs. Quality


(Under Construction, Theoretical Framework of Topics)

Playing in a Game
Creating a Faction

Choosing a Path to Victory

Playing the Game

Running a Game
Coming Up with a Game Concept

Creating NPCs

Recruiting Players

Beginning the Game

Processing Turns

Random Events

Ending the Game


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